Miyauchi Industry Co., Ltd.

Established: 1937
Representatives: Eiji Miyauchi, Chairman
Kiyohiko Miyauchi, President
Address: Head Office: 6363 Arai, Matsuo, Iida-city, Nagano-Pref., Japan
Tel.:81 -265-22-7161 Fax.:81-265-24-4448
E-mail : info@alps-calf.co.jp
Factory: 16,563 ㎡
Business Items: Upholstery leather for furniture and automotive, bag leather, shoe upper leather
Cordovan leather, wet blue split leather
Employees: 100
Banking Reference: Iida Shinkin Bank (Kanae branch) , Nagano Bank (Iida branch)
Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business (Matsumoto branch)
82Bank(Iida branch),Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank(Suwa branch)
Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank(Shinjyuku branch),Mizuho Bank(Matsumoto branch)


1937 Mr.Toku Miyauchi started fur business
1958 Miyauchi Trading Inc. was established. Capital:¥500,000
1961 Constructed the Kanae factory and started rendering business
1962 Company name was changed to Miyauchi Industry Co., Ltd.
1964 Constructed the new factory in Matsuo and started a tanning production.
1968 Mr. Eiji Miyauchi became a president.
1969 Capital increased to ¥50,000,000
1973-74 Constructed new factory with ¥1,000,000,000
1975 Established Tokyo Leather Co.,Ltd. Capital:¥30,000,000
1978 Opened Kobe Office. (shifted to Osaka in 1986)
1990 Sale amount hit ¥5,000,000,000.
1991 Started auto upholstery leather.
1998 Became one of the biggest production of Cordovan in the world.
2002 Tokyo-Leather(H.K.)Ltd. was established.
2004 Certified ISO9001.
2005 Opened Dalian Branch in China.

Overseas trading: We sell: Cordovan leather for shoe, belt and small leather goods.
Upholstery leather, Wet blue split leather,
Horse shrink leather
We buy: Horse hide from Europe, Machine from Europe
Wet blue leather from New Zealand and Australia
Chemical from Europe, USA and China
Domestic Customers: Toyota, Mitsubishi Motor, Mazda,Nissan, Subaru, furniture companies,
bag producing companies, shoe producing companies

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